The KT education program is managed by Gail Klein, under the direction of Dr. Sharon Straus. Gail Klein has a Master's of Science in Pharmacology from the University of Toronto and is a certified clinical research professional. She has worked as a clinical research coordinator at the University Health Network and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre where she managed large multi-site randomized trials in different clinical areas, including cancer, obstetrics and rheumatology. While at the University Health Network, Gail was the site ethics representative for the National Cancer Institute of Canada’s trial group. In 2009, Gail transitioned to a research manager position in the Knowledge Translation Program of the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute at St Michael's Hospital. Her role includes managing the monthly national KT seminar series, End of Grant KT Course, Introduction to Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis, KT Basics Course, Pragmatic KT Trials Course and the annual KT Summer Institute. Gail also manages the KT listserv and sends weekly e-newsletters.