Foundations of Knowledge Translation

Course: Foundations of KT

Area of Focus: Implementation

Course Length: Approx. 3 months

Start Date: Flexible

Location: Online


Knowledge translation (KT) is the process for using evidence in practice and decision making thereby strengthening health systems and improving health outcomes.

But how do you gain a working knowledge of what KT is when so much confusion and complexity surrounds it? Our approach to KT is rooted in theory and science, but our application of KT is uniquely pragmatic and focused on real-world impact. Our approach to training involves presenting KT in a relevant and practical way so that individuals and organizations become empowered to support KT initiatives within their own network.

Foundations of Knowledge Translation is an online course on the fundamentals of implementing change using best practices in KT. In Foundations of KT, participants will learn how to:

  • Identify key KT definitions
  • Use theories, models, and frameworks for KT activities
  • Discuss what to consider when planning for implementation
  • Outline a plan for implementation evaluation and sustainability

This course will benefit anyone interested in learning the foundations of KT. It is an introductory course in KT designed for those who need to build their working knowledge of what KT entails. Clinicians and researchers involved in all dimensions of health (e.g., acute care, long-term care, public health, mental health, etc.) are welcome to attend.

Note: this course will not focus on best practices in disseminating evidence/end-of-grant KT.

Dates: Individuals may register and join the course at any time.

Location: Online

$815 CAD

To join the course, please complete the registration and payment at this link. We will respond within 1 business day with access to the course: link.