Partners in Research (PiR)

Course: Partners in Research

Area of Focus: Implementation

Course Length: N/A

Start Date: Currently not offered

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Interested in learning about Patient-Oriented Research?

This course consists of 4 live web-based sessions and is designed for patients, families/caregivers and healthcare researchers. The PiR course will focus on how patients, families, and healthcare researchers can work together to improve health research and healthcare.Workshop highlights include:

  • A personalized online learning environment to help you set and meet your individual patient-oriented research learning goals.
  • Interactive activities and discussions to help you build capacity in applying patient-oriented research principles.
  • Connect with others who are interested in or already involved in patient-oriented research.
  • Access to a variety of useful resources on patient-oriented research.

PiR aims to help patients and families/caregivers:

  • Voice their real-life experiences and encourage others to do the same
  • Partner with researchers
  • Engage in decision-making
  • Engage in meaningful discussions around patient-oriented research

PiR aims to help researchers:

  • Select an appropriate patient engagement strategy
  • Partner with patients
  • Engage patients in decision-making and better understand patient’s needs
  • Engage in meaningful discussions around patient-oriented research

The course is open to patients, their families/caregivers, healthcare researchers, and graduate students who are either currently involved in projects that relate to patient-oriented research or those who are interested in learning more about how to participate in patient-oriented research.

Thank you for your interest in our Partners in Research course. Applications are now closed for healthcare researchers and patients/family members/caregivers. We will open applications for future PiR offerings.

If you would like to discuss whether this course aligns with your learning goals and needs, please contact Melissa Courvoisier (

Costs to register for the PiR course will shared in advance of the next offering.