KT Tools

We develop a wide variety of practice-based KT tools to aid in the Synthesis, dissemination and implementation of research.

A given tool can take on a wide variety of formats, ranging from clinically-centered (e.g., decision aids, clinical practice guidelines) to more patient-oriented (e.g., mobile apps, videos). Tools to conduct implementation and engage in knowledge creation are also available.

A repository of tools created by the KT Program are listed below, in addition to tools we have found useful.

Knowledge Synthesis Tools

Systematic Review Process Map
Rank Heat Plot
WHO Rapid Review Guide

Implementation Tools

General implementation support tools
Project-specific tools

Additional KT tools we’ve developed

Knowledge to Action Cycle

Tools we’ve found useful

End of Grant Knowledge Translation Plan
Cochrane Collaboration: What are systematic reviews?
Systematic Review (SR) Toolbox
AHRQ Systematic Review Data Repository