Our Approach

As part of St. Michael’s Hospital Knowledge Translation program, our team actively engages in the Knowledge to Action (KTA) cycle. The KTA cycle consists of the action cycle and the knowledge creation funnel. The action cycle emphasizes the dynamic action steps needed to apply the knowledge created (in any sequence). Central to this is the knowledge creation funnel, which conveys the idea that knowledge needs to be increasingly distilled before it is ready for application.

Our work is guided by the action cycle (the outer ring) of the KTA model. The action cycle emphasizes the dynamic steps required to implement research products, developed in the knowledge creation phase (the funnel), into practice. We work on projects that focus on implementing evidence using steps from the action cycle.




Our unique approach centres around three pillars:

  1. Evidence We aim to ensure that our projects use the best available evidence (for example, systematic reviews) to implement changes and achieve desired outcomes.
  2. Tailored strategies We provide customized implementation strategies to meet the unique needs of our collaborators and clients.
  3. High-quality implementation and evaluation We offer implementation support and tools that are evidence and theory-based, and are premised on the cutting edge of best practices in knowledge translation.


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