The Team


Dr. Sharon Straus, Director of Knowledge Translation Program

Dr. Sharon E. Straus (MD, FRCPC, MSc) is a Geriatrician, Clinical Epidemiologist and Professor, and Director of the Knowledge Translation Program of St. Michael’s Hospital (SMH) and of Geriatric Medicine, University of Toronto. She holds a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Knowledge Translation (KT), has been awarded more than $30 million in peer-reviewed grants in the past 10 years, and has published >350 peer-reviewed publications. Read More.

Andrea Tricco
Andrea Tricco
Scientist, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute
Wai-Hin Chan
Wai-Hin Chan
Research Program Manager, KT Program



Meet Our Team

The Knowledge Translation Program consist of team members from the Knowledge Synthesis Team (KST), the Team for Implementation, Evaluation, and Sustainability (TIES) and our Central Administration/Support staff.

KT Team

wdt_ID Name Team Role
1 Alia Januwalla TIES Research Coordinator
2 Alissa Epworth KST Library Technician
3 Amruta Radhakrishnan KST Research Coordinator
4 Andrea Jimenez Central Administration/Support Web Developer
5 Andrea Tricco KST Scientist
8 Christine (Wai-Yi) Marquez Central Administration/Support Research Coordinator
9 Danica Buckland TIES Research Coordinator
10 Danielle Kasperavicius TIES Research Coordinator
11 David Flaherty TIES Research Coordinator
12 Elikem (Kokui) Togo TIES Research Assistant