July 2019: Best practices and common challenges with implementing appropriate prescribing and use (AU) initiatives worldwide: A qualitative content analysis


April 2019: Are patient education materials about cancer screening more effective when co-created with patients? A qualitative interview study and randomized controlled trial


August 2018: Longitudinal Evaluation of a Course to Build Core Competencies in Implementation Practice


June 2018: How do clinicians use implementation tools to apply breast cancer screening guidelines to practice?


April 2018: Evaluation of the “Foundations in Knowledge Translation” Training Initiative: Preparing End Users to Practice KT


February 2017: Perceptions and experiences of a gender gap at a Canadian research institute and potential strategies to mitigate this gap: a sequential mixed-methods study 


November 2016: Barriers, facilitators and priorities for implementation of WHO maternal and perinatal health guidelines in four lower-income countries: a GREAT Network research activity. 


September 2016: Navigating barriers: Two-year follow up on recommendations to improve the use of maternal health guidelines in Kosovo. 


August 2016: Low-and middle-income countries face many common barriers to implementation of maternal health evidence products. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology.


May 2016: The Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO) Adopting Research to Improve Care (ARTIC) Program: Reach, Sustainability, Spread and Lessons Learned from an Implementation Funding Model.


February 2016: Factors that may be influencing the rise in prescription testosterone replacement therapy in adult men: A qualitative study. 


February 2016: Ready, Set, Change! Development and usability testing of an online readiness for change decision support tool for healthcare organizations.


April 2015: The Canadian Task Force on Preventative Health Care’s Guidelines on Obesity Prevention and Management in Adults and Children in Primary Care. 


July 2015: Access to Triptans for Acute Episodic Migraine: A Qualitative Study. 


October 2014: Mapping barriers and intervention activities to behaviour change theory for Mobilization of Vulnerable Elders in Ontario (MOVE ON), a multi-site implementation intervention in acute care hospitals.


September 2014: The Ontario Drug Policy Research Network: Bridging the gap between Research and Drug Policy. 


May 2014: The development of an online decision support tool for organizational readiness for change.


September 2013: Determinants of implementation of maternal health guidelines in Kosovo: mixed methods study. 


July 2013: Evaluation of a multisite educational intervention to improve mobilization of older patients in hospital: protocol for mobilization of vulnerable elders in Ontario (MOVE ON).