Partners in Research (PiR)

Interested in learning about Patient-Oriented Research?

The Knowledge Translation Program at St. Michael’s Hospital will be offering an online course called
Partners in Research (PiR). This online course will consist of 4 live web-based sessions and is designed
for patients, families/caregivers and healthcare researchers. The PiR course will focus on how patients, families, and
researchers can work together to improve health research and health care.

Course goals

PiR aims to help patients and families/caregivers:

    • Voice their real-life experiences and encourage others to do the same
    • Partner with researchers
    • Participate in decision making
    • Participate in meaningful discussions around patient-oriented research
    • PiR aims to help researchers:
    • Select an appropriate patient engagement strategy
    • Partner with patients
    • Involve patients in decision-making and better understand patient’s needs
    • Participate in meaningful discussions around patient-oriented research
    • Workshop highlights:

    • A personalized online learning environment to help you set and meet your individual patient-oriented research learning goals
    • Interactive activities and discussions to help you build capacity in applying patient-oriented research principles to real-world projects
    • Connect with others who are interested in or already involved in patient-oriented research
    • Access to a variety of useful resources on patient-oriented research

      Who should participate?

      The course is open to patients, their families/caregivers, healthcare researchers, and graduate students who are either currently involved in projects that relate to POR or those who are interested in learning more about how to conduct or participate in POR.


      Course dates

      The course will be offered twice in 2018*:

      Spring Fall
      April to May 2018 October to November 2018
      4 bi-weekly online sessions 4 bi-weekly online sessions

      *please note that we are accepting applications for 2018, however our 2017 cohorts have passed/are full



      Applications are now closed for healthcare researchers and patients/family members/caregivers. Due to a high volume of applications for PiR, we have reached capacity for both our Spring and Fall 2018 cohorts. We will open applications for future PiR offerings.



      If you are a patient or family member and have questions, please contact Camellia Dinyarian.
      If you are a researcher and have questions, please contact Melissa Courvoisier.