Mobilization of Vulnerable Elders

    Mobilization of Vulnerable Elders (MOVEs)


    The MOVE ON intervention was designed to implement and evaluate the impact of a multi-component evidence-based strategy focused on promoting early mobilization and preventing functional decline in older patients admitted to hospitals. This inter-professional, education-based intervention included the following components: (1) education for patients and families in the form of information brochures; and (2) education for staff including 3 hours each focused on culture (sensitivity to aging issues) and early mobilization. All educational strategies shared the common objective of promoting early and consistent mobilization through three actionable recommendations: (1) encourage mobility three times a day; (2) practice progressive and scaled mobilization; and (3) implement mobility assessments within 24 hours of the decision to admit.


    Iterations of MOVEs:

    In the first round of funding, MOVE iT was implemented in 4 Toronto hospitals. From 2012 – 2013, MOVE ON was implemented in 14 CAHO hospitals. In 2013, MOVE ON+ was implemented on additional units in 7 of the 14 CAHO hospitals. The next stage (2015) is MOVE AB, which will take place at hospitals in Alberta.


    A tool was created to choose appropriate mobility measures, which are also valid and reliable. This tool can be accessed at


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    Date : 15 Mar 2016