Ontario Drug Policy Research Network

    Ontario Drug Policy Research Network (ODPRN)


    The ODPRN conducts policy-driven research to provide high-quality, relevant and timely evidence that is disseminated rapidly for decision making at the local and provincial levels.  Since its inception, the ODPRN has primarily disseminated research results to policymakers at the Ontario Public Drug Program (OPDP) through a collaborative partnership.  This collaborative model has produced research findings that are more relevant and useful to the end user.


    Currently, we are involved in several key research areas:

    • Creating tools/products for research dissemination
    • Creating and maintaining the website and a knowledge exchange portal
    • Conducting qualitative research through the Qualitative Research Program as part of the ODPRN’s drug formulary modernization project.


    To learn more about the Ontario Drug Policy Research Network, please visit their website at www.odprn.ca.

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    Date : 15 Mar 2016