Practicing Knowledge Translation HSR Satellite Session

Practicing Knowledge Translation (PKT) Organized Participatory Session

The objective of the PKT organized participatory session at HSR is to engage participants in a high-level overview of the foundational components knowledge translation: using the knowledge-to-action model and relevant KT theories, frameworks, and models to develop Evidence-informed, Theory-driven Programs (ETP); assessing barriers and facilitators to change; and guiding the process of selecting implementation strategies that directly address barriers and facilitators to changing practice. The session will enhance the participant understanding related to ETP development.


Session Learning Objectives

1. Define knowledge translation
2. Describe the knowledge-to-action (KTA) process model
3. Explain important aspects of designing an Evidence-informed, Theory-driven Program (ETP)
4. Describe the Theoretical Domains Framework (TDF) and COM-B
5. Define implementation strategies
6. Explain how to systematically choose effective implementation strategies


HSR Presentation Materials

Click here for the agenda: PKT HSR Agenda

Click here to view the presentation slides (PDF format): Presentation Slides

Click here to view the activity package: Activity Package

Click here to view the resource package: Resource Package

Click here to view an example project: Example